e-Campus Management System

e-Campus is a Web centric application which allows you to work from multiple locations and carry
out your institute’s operations in real time with great efficiency from any part of the world with just an
internet connection ( a DSL connection or even a wireless connection from your laptop !). The
possibilities are unlimited
e-Campus key features
a.Fully web centric software, nothing to install, all that you require is a PC with an internet
Connection to start using e-Campus
b.Affordable – no up-front investment required either on software or on server computers or
on any other third party software such as database. Charges based on usage.
c.Information from the system can be accessed or updated securely by the staff or teachers
or management anytime
d.Include features to handle all requirements of an educational institution. Modules covering
Student information, Staff/teacher information, Academic information, Accounts, Library etc
e.Any number of institutes can be managed with a single user id
f.Secured with firewall, encrypted login and virus scanning software and data backups
g.Screens displayed with your institute’s logo/banner, enhancing your institute’s online visibility.
h.Hosted in Malaysia’s best data center for 24 x 7, 365 days un-interrupted and secured access
i.e-Campus includes modules and functionality to cover all complex operations within the
Institution covering Students, Staff, Academic, Library and Accounting functions.
Advantages of hosted model
Lower total cost of ownership– There is no up-front investment for buying the software. You can
start using the software at a very low cost whether you have just one branch operation or multi
branch operations.
Minimal IT maintenance – Apart from a local network with internet access you do not require
anything else to use e-Campus.
Predictable IT costs – Because the user pays only for what they use, IT costs are predictable
Quick start – All you need is an internet connection to start using e-Campus.
Easy upgrade – You may upgrade from the rental scheme and buy the software from us.
Functional features
Student information:-
including their personal details including photo, height, weight, blood group, special needs, Parent’s and guardian details, Transport details, hostel details etc are maintained.
Student Performance management:-
Attendance, Examination marks and Assessment marks/grades, Teachers comments on performance.
Student’s data from the year of enrollment to the school to their year of leaving is maintained.
Course details :-
such as Course subjects, its Syllabus, Syllabus coverage etc
Fee management:-
Fee collection monitoring becomes an easy task. System at any time can tell you the fee payment
status of each and every student.
Class time table and teacher time table:-
Class time table and teacher’s time table are maintained, if a particular teacher is absent, system can immediately help to identify substitution teachers
Staff Information:-
Personal data, attendance and Leave management

Accounts module:-
All accounting features including Jvs, Payments and Receipt Vouchers, Bank reconciliations, Budgeting and Reports such as General Ledger, Profit and Loss statement and Balance sheet, Trial balance etc.

e-Diary and e-messaging to interact with parents

Electronic bulletin board for teachers/staff. For example, the entire HR Policy of the institute can
be maintained within the bulletin board so that new teachers comes to know the policies through
the system. Documents are shown on the main board only during its scheduled display period,
once that is expired, it is archived. Notices are displayed only after login.

Multiple institution:-
If you have more than one institute under your management, and you are part of the group’s
management team, you can manage all your institute from single login.

Access restrictions:-
based on physical location of a person’s login – You can decide a staff/teacher can
access the software from their home or they can access the application only from school.

Individual access rights :- Possible to provide access to only concerned functions. A user can access only his or her related department’s information.