Quality Assurance (QA) & Software Testing Services

Our QA services will help you establish concrete control over your product’s life cycle, monitor every development stage, and give you accurate product quality information. For over a decade, our QA experts have been using the latest practices and technologies to ensure efficient performance and high-quality project implementation for the world’s largest enterprises, aiding in delivering solid software on time.

Functional testing

We enable our clients to better-understand their products and build in quality earlier in the product lifecycle with our functional testing service.

Test Management

Our companies Senior Test Consultants have specialized in Test Management across a wide variety of sectors for over a decade. Our services include;

Building of in house software testing teams
Testing estimates for projects
Writing & implementation of the testing strategy
Management of testing environments

Executive level testing reporting and accountability for the test project delivery.
Senior Test Managers are available to get the project up and running or work with the Project Mangers on the full test delivery of Agile Testing, System Testing, System Integration Testing, Performance Testing, Security and User Acceptance Testing. AJQ Consultants are also specialized with using the latest market-leading Test Management software tools. We can manage the rollout of test management tools and provide best practice frameworks and standardization.

Automated Software Testing

We are experienced in open source and enterprise market leading automation tools. We can provide expertise in sourcing the most cost-effective solution to your organisations specific needs; and produce robust and easily maintained automated test scripts with supporting documentation/framework that will focus on providing excellent Return of Investment (ROI). The investment in automation will continue to provide ongoing benefits to your company over time.

We will not only assist with providing on-site specialist resources but will provide information on setting up an automation framework, strategy and best practice. Strategy includes;

Test Tool Selection & Proof of Concept
Automation Strategy, Framework and Best Practice
Test Script Selection and Return of Investment
Test Script Creation and Maintenance
The use of automation within an Agile methodology

Common Misconceptions of Automation With experience using market leading automation tools, we can provide expertise in sourcing the most cost-effective solution to your organisations specific needs; and produce robust and easily maintained test scripts with supporting documentation that will focus on providing excellent Return of Investment (ROI) that will benefit your company over time.

Performance, Load & Scalability Testing

How can we help boost your application’s performance under load?

Realistic Testing – Want to know how your application will perform in production? We can build lifelike tests to mitigate this risk. And we’ll use the best tools and approach for your companies needs.

Analysis & Cutting edge diagnostics – We will work with your team to troubleshoot your applications performance issues by calling on our extensive analytical experience, and using the latest diagnostic tools.

Tuning – We help you get the most value from your investment, by ensuring the infrastructure and applications are configured to meet your organisation’s current and future demand.

Risk & Requirement Assessment – These drive the outcome of performance testing activities. Let us ensure that these match up to your business and operational needs and ensure your money is well spent.

Clear Reporting – By explaining complex technical issues in straight forward language, we ensure you understand the health and risks of your application. This allows you to make informed decisions towards optimizing your IT investment.

“By the hour” Services – Employing full time Load and Performance testing resources is not always viable, especially when you may not have ongoing demand for this work. Services by the hour allow you to access our extensive load & performance testing experience through an on demand pricing model.

These services can include any of the following areas;

  • Requirements – Are your requirements realistic and measurable, we can review yours to make sure your testing is effective and focused on your organisation needs.
  • Document Creation – Need a Test Strategy, Plan or a high level test approach for a non standard application.
  • Test Execution & Reporting – Need a realistic test and to understand the impact of the results, let us execute and report your test.
  • Test Script Creation – Regardless of the platform we can create test scripts for your chosen test tool ensuring they adhere to industry standards and provide accurate results.
  • Interview – Need to recruit performance testing resources? Make sure the performance testers you recruit have the skills, both technical and interpersonal to deliver quality results.
  • Quality Assurance – Need to validate the work performed by offshore resources? We can review requirements, plans and scripts to ensure that they adhere to industry standards and meet your organisations needs.
  • Risk Assessment – Not sure if you need to performance test, we can provide an unbiased assessment, which allows you to make an informed decision.

Load and Performance testing is critical for software releases to understand how the system will operate and interact with the customer when in production. It helps to provide assurance that the software will be able to cope with whatever rigors it will face post go-live.

Load and Performance testing is only effective if it closely replicate events your likely to encounter in production. Your performance testing activities may be well planned and managed, and produce clear results. But are you looking at theory or testing reality?

We provide specialist Load and Performance Testing specialists who can help your organisation identify problems and work with you to resolve all manner of performance related issues. We have experience in the following non-functional areas of testing;

  • Load and Performance Test Risk Review to determine the level of testing required
  • Creation of Load and Performance Test Strategy and Plans
  • Automated scripting, data set-up and detailed analysis of results
  • Execution of Load, Capacity, Stress, Volume and Performance Testing
  • Simulation of Baseline, Normal, Peak, Break-point Load

Load Testing: Using specialist performance testing tools we can simulate the load and behavior that is expected to be seen by your application in production, to give your business the confidence when you launch the software. Load tests not only allow us to assess what the customer experience is likely to be, but it also helps your organisation identify bottlenecks and plan for future capacity requirements as your application grows.

Component Testing: This type of testing is used when there is a need to assess the impact on business operations of certain mission critical processes. An example of this type of testing is batch jobs. These can be tested in isolation and also tested in combination with a load test to recreate realistic production like scenarios.

Our specialists can analyse the level of testing required; carry out scripting and test execution and provide detailed reporting helping you to understand these often complex issues.