Verbatim coding is described as an art and science of analyzing relatively unstructured feedback provided by people who have been interviewed about their opinions.
At SQ, we make in-depth analysis of responses by drawing logical insights from the research in following aspects:
• Identify ‘critical instances’ -highlight key passages of transcripts.
• ‘Open coding’ – assign passages to categories (i.e. abstract conceptual labels). Work through all transcripts and collect numerous illustrative quotes to ‘saturate’ categories.
• ‘Axial coding’ – refine initial list of categories. Delete and amalgamate some. Make connections between the categories and define their properties e.g. context, pre-conditions.
• ‘Selective coding’ – identify a core category and themes from which theory will derive.
Plethora of software’s are available in market for open end coding. However, the programming and automation of open-ended responses are much trickier. So it requires a human coder to check and code for context, tone and meaning using local expressions and native language.
In order to provide superior and high quality open ended response solutions, we always go with manual coding to provide unmatched value through our experience, which has been well accepted and appreciated by our clients.