We create competitive advantage for you in your industry by transforming massive volumes of data into meaningful predictions.
Companies across every industry can survive and remain competitive only if they adopt Machine learning & Predictive Analytics
Machine learning is changing the way data scientists across the industries deal with data samples; No down sampling is resulting in higher confidence levels in predictions in other words accurate predictions.

Skill Quotient Support End-to-end Machine Learning Management from data preparation to deployment
• Prepare data with functions for normalization, outlier detection, sampling, imbalanced data processing, missing value imputation and more
• Create, train and test advanced machine learning models on massive data sets
• Evaluate model-level statistics including ROC tables and confusion matrices

Oracle Big Data Analytics Services

Put your data to work. Run predictive analytics models. Use machine learning to explore your data. Build dashboards for business leaders. Watch your investment in big data pay off.
• Oracle Analytics Cloud
A single platform that empowers your entire organization to ask any question of any data, in any environment, on any device.
• Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph
Handle the most challenging graph, spatial, and processing workloads on Apache Hadoop and NoSQL database technologies.
• Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop
The R interface for manipulating data stored in HDFS, using both HIVE transparency capabilities and mapping HDFS as direct input.

Big Data Integration

Access data from a variety of sources, whether it’s streaming data or data at rest. Collect it, clean it, prepare it, and transform your data to make it available to everyone.
• Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud
Gain real-time data streaming, batch data processing, enterprise data quality, and data governance capabilities.
• Oracle Stream Analytics
Rapidly create real-time event stream processing applications and manage and execute solutions.
Oracle’s Internet of Things
Gain new data-driven insights and drive actions by connecting, analyzing, and integrating device data.
Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service
Gain the power of Apache Kafka as a managed, streaming data platform integrated into the Oracle Cloud ecosystem. Deploy your own dedicated Kafka cluster.

Big Data Management

Work with all data types and technologies and seamlessly integrate your big data with your existing data, applications, and reports. Make it available to those authorized to use it. There are several options available to deploy managed and automated services in Oracle data centers or your own.
Different options are available to enable you to deploy managed and automated services in Oracle data centers or your own.

• Oracle Big Data Cloud
Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark delivered as a managed, elastic, integrated platform for streaming, batch, and interactive analysis.
• Oracle Cloud at Customer
Gain Oracle Cloud services in your data center, fully managed by Oracle.
• Oracle Big Data Cloud Service
The power of Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark as an automated service with the Cloudera Hadoop ecosystem.
• Oracle Big Data SQL
Extend Oracle SQL to Hadoop and NoSQL. Parse and intelligently filter data where it resides.
• Oracle NoSQL Database
A scale-out, low latency key-value database service that includes support for JSON and table data types.