SQ Data Assure – Data Testing Tool

SQ Data Assure

SQ Data Assure is a data testing tool which automates your data testing process.
Currently Data testing is done by a method called sampling, which is writing query on your source & target data bases to extract the data & copy it into different excel spread sheets & then compare both of them manually. In this process you will be comparing and validating only less than 1% of data, rest 99% goes untested and invalidated.

With SQ Data Assure you can automate the whole process without writing a single line of code

With SQ Data Assure you will be validating 100% of the data. There will not be any data which goes invalidated.

With SQ Data Assure’s query studio you will be having flexibility to write code for complex transformations

With SQ Data Assure you will have high quality & highly reliable data at very high speed

With SQ Data Assure, you can easily identify BAD Data & Correct it

With SQ Data Assure you will be able to test any kind of platforms, whether its data lakes of BIG Data, Data warehouses, NoSQL, Traditional databases, XML, Flat files, or any API files.

SQ Data Assure helps you to extract a variety of Reports & Dashboards

SQ Data Assure Integrates with your Test Management Tools & helps you to plan & manage your data testing process.

SQ Data Assure automates your data testing cycles. You can schedule it to test your data on daily basis. This is applicable for those scenarios wherein you have your data feed coming into your systems on a daily basis