Enterprise Content & Business Process Management (Newgen)

Business Process Management (BPM) automates and streamlines the processes critical to your organization, and securely manages related information. Seamless integration with existing systems maximizes your process improvement. Ascend’s solutions will strengthen your bottom line and increase overall staff productivity through the reduction or elimination of effort, while improving controls. The main components of BPM are Business Process Automation (BPA) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). We deeply understands BPM and these components to automate your processes in the most efficient and effective way. our BPM is extremely flexible for greater automation and ROI. Equally our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution, also referred to as Content Management, was designed to store and manage ALL types of documents, images, reports and files in a secure centralized solution and in their native formats for greater efficiency and usability.

Business process management automation guarantees your procedures are effectively implemented within the organization, prevent exposure to non-compliance issues or mishandling of your business information, which can negatively impact your revenue. Workflow automates the routing of all types of business documents and information to eliminate time-consuming, cumbersome, and error-prone tasks. Significant time is saved each day by automating tasks, and the impact on your staff is minimized when policies and procedures change. Protect your staff and your company’s assets from overlooked critical steps in your processes and achieve

ECM provides the user with the ability to view the documents and organize them in public or private folders, fix row and column headings, attach electronic sticky notes, among many other user-friendly features. It’s unique ability to store unlimited document types provides a flexible solution that will grow with your needs. You can store electronic documents, reports, scanned images, and miscellaneous files and securely maintain them in their native forms. These documents are presented (entirely or sections) via report bursting function to authenticated Web Browser users, or to recipients through E-Mail, FAX, and remote printers. Built for data volume and user scalability, it cost-effectively serves companies of all sizes and supports all industries.