SQ Data Assure Use Cases

SQ Data Assure can be used to…

Data Migration Testing:

SQ Data Assure is a tool that helps you to validate your data between pre-migration &
post-migration systems. New system data is validated against your legacy system & thus helps business users to trust the new system & there by improving the usability and there by adoption of new system. SQ Data Assure tool also helps you to identify & eliminate wrong data going to new live systems.

BIG Data Testing:

SQ Data Assure can help you to test your big data lakes. As per Gartner report, “Almost 40% of big data initiatives fail due to bad data”. We help you to identify those bad data. Whether its Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Horton Works, Oracle. Microsoft, IBM or any other Big Data vendor, our Tool works across platforms & helps you to validate your big data at speed 1000X faster than validating manually.

Data Warehouse Testing:

Irrespective of volume, number of sources & Type of sources, Data Assure Tool can validate data in Data Mart. Whether it is SAS, Talend, Pentaho or any other ETL tool, SQ Data Assure works across platform & validates data for you.
“Business can now rely on underlying data to make decision”

Data Interface/Integration Testing:

Your ERP/CRM/BPM/Banking Applications/Insurance Applications are generally pumped in with lot of data feeds coming in from other systems. Verifying this data is an hectic task if we do it in manually. Whether it is SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, People Soft, SQ Data Assure tool works cross platform & validates the data feed pumped in is correct by identifying bad data.

BI Reporting:

Do you know underlying data for your BI reports are correct? Have you validated it? As per Gartner Report, Majority Business decision fails due to underlying bad data of BI Reports. SQ Data assure tool extracts the data from BI tool & compares it with source data to validate the accuracy of data