Integrated Purchase Requisition System

AX/SAP Integrated Purchase Requisition system


For large organizations generally, Purchase requisition creators and approvers are non-procurement and non-finance users. They login into the system only if they have a PR to be approved/created in their respective departments. For such small tasks, purchasing an expensive AX/SAP user license would be a very costly affair, considering the named user license of AX/SAP  and License renewal fees.


Large organizations would not prefer to purchase expensive AX/SAP licenses for 100’s and 1000’s of users who very rarely login into ERP systems to do small tasks like Purchase Requisition creation and approvals.


Our AX/SAP Integrated purchase requisition system is built keeping in mind about the large number of users accessing ERP systems.


Salient Features of Integrated Purchase Requisition System 

  • Unlimited Number of User Access
  • Perpetual License/No license renewal charges
  • Separate Inbox for each person & also access to Team inbox
  • Configurable workflow manager
  • Configurable approval levels and amounts
  • Email alerts on EPR status changes
  • Email alerts on approvals to the respective Departments & Users
  • Real time Budget availability & last purchase price display
  • Bidirectional Integration with AX & SAP
  • Integration to AX/SAP Item master
  • Integration to AX/SAP Vendor masters
  • Integration to AX/SAP Budgets & Budget Controls
  • Integration to AX/SAP GL codes (expense codes)
  • Integration to AX/SAP Cost centers